Here to make your first impression impressive! Are you ready for that?

Hi! I'm Dea. When I was younger, and things would "mysteriously" happen... chances were, "Dea done it". Well, as I grew up, I still managed to "Dun It", but decided I could make it work for me instead of against me! So now, you can let Dea Dun-It ... for you!

Let me create the perfect look for you!


I'm a Nail Technician/Manicurist in the KC area, licensed in both KS & MO, and would love to do your nails - to make you say "Woah! Those are UH-mayzing!". Manis, Pedis... all in a relaxing, private environment. I work from home, but I can also bring my nail services to you, if need be. Please contact me so we can chat about what you'd like and what you need - and what I can do for you!


I'm here to make you say... "Dea Dun It"!

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