Covid-19 & Safety Precautions

In light of this epic pandemic, please rest assured that I am following all local, county, state, federal, and CDC guidelines to keep my work space, equipment, myself, and my clients as safe as can be. I use only BARBICIDE® products to clean & disinfect my work space.


BARBICIDE® is perhaps the most iconic of all images in the professional beauty industry. It signifies a safe, clean environment for everything from a haircut to a pedicure. All BARBICIDE® products are EPA Registered disinfectants, designed to meet the needs of state boards and should help to reassure you that disinfection is an important part of my business.

I have just recently completed the BARBICIDE® Covid-19 Certification, as well as renewed my BARBICIDE® certification, from the company itself. I take pride in knowing I am helping keep us safe from this mess.

I have disposable masks available for clients to use during services, as well as using my own personal masks (cleaned) per guidelines. I also have several for sale, in case you'd like a cool, new washable one to add to your wardrobe!


I received a pedicure from Dea, that was much needed. She took her time to make me feel comfortable and completely at ease. The pedicure itself was heavenly; she paid attention to details, and my toes turned out perfect. My heels are uber soft, and the massage was to die for! I will be returning, as I haven't had this level service, and fun, for years!

~ Bridget A, Cameron MO


14810 Tomasha Drive

Independence, MO  64055



Weekly: 9:00am to 9:00pm-ish*

*Hours vary upon request*

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